Flower Care 101

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So you are lucky enough to have received a beautiful bouquet of flowers?  Now what!?

Here are some quick steps to make you get the most out of them!

  1. Start with a clean vase.  Any bacteria that is allowed to grow in the water will instantly start playing havoc on your flowers.
  2. Look at what the mixture holds: this will tell you what temperature to make your vase water.   If they have spring flowers (tulips, daffodils, iris, hyacinth) make the water COLD.   Anything else, but especially roses and hydrangea, make the water as HOT as you can comfortably hold your hand under (think dishwater).  Add your package of flower food to the water, if desired (I personally think its a hoax, but if you believe in it, by all means, use it!)    
  3. Cut your stems, either with a sharp pair of scissors, pruners (or if you feel comfortable, a sharp knife) The most common mistake I see, when people put their bouquets into a vase, is them not cutting their stems short enough for the vase.  This makes the bouquets lose their shape, because the binding point (where the cello is bunched, or where the florist holds their hand) is above the lip of the vase.  
  4. Try not to have any “greens” in the water.  This will cause bacteria to grow faster
  5. Enjoy….
  6.  CHANGE THE WATER!!! Flowers cannot live in a bacteria rich environment, it is a silent killer. Change water at least every 2-3days or if you see the water going murky
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