The Return of Sympathy Flowers

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While the funeral industry is becoming somewhat streamlined, with the increase in cremation, memorial services and private family services, we have noticed a change in the floral industry as well.  Gone are the days of us sending 15-20 pieces over to our local funeral home, per service, from friends, relatives, neighbors and community partners.  Having said that, the ones we do send, we try to make really special.  We try to personalize each piece, add a little “twist”, or make it so the family is able to take it home.

There is something special to me about getting to create one of the last tributes to someone’s loved one. It’s wonderful to walk into the funeral home for visitation, and see beautiful blooms customized to the deceased life adorning the room.  While the sad occasion is not lessened, those flowers do bring great comfort to the families they are sent to, knowing that people care, and are showing their support. So next time you think funeral flowers are a waste, know that they don’t go unnoticed!

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